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Nigel’s Barber Shop provides a Booking Service on Monday to Friday from 5pm to 8pm and Saturdays  Relax in the hands of Highly Qualified Staff  Select the time that suits your lifestyle Save Time with No Queuing Easy On-Line Booking system    

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American Crew 3-IN-1 TEA TREE American Crew 3-in-1 Tea Tree Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash relieves scalp and skin. Refreshes and deodorizes body. This is a really nice 3-in-1 its very good if your suffer from dry scalp & skin, the Tea Tree and Sage leaf extracts refresh and condition the hair and scalp. This…

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We have a few appointments still available on Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd after 7pm just click HERE to book a slot This service is only available out of normal opening hours and does not impact on our walk in service hours of business SEE HERE for opening times

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Restyle Here we have an example of a total re-style from medium length hair to a graduated No2 back & sides layered on top with a hard parting and styled with a little American Crew Fiber, this style is very easy to maintain as the hard parting gives a guide when styling. if your thinking…

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The Crop The Crop is very much an of the moment style, it’s a very versatile style as the long heavy layers on top can also be worn as a side sweep-over or a front blow-back. The Crop in the picture above is faded from a zero but this style can be worn a bit…

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We were delighted to help out Tesco Celbridge Store Manager Pat O’Sullivan with his Movember2015 fund raiser, Pat grew his beard to raise much needed funds for this very worthy cause which highlights Men’s health issues surrounding cancer. Our

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Head Lice Treatments. Its back to school time and also the time to start checking your children for headlice. Its good practice to check your Children’s hair on a weekly basis during school terms and if you suspect one of your family members has a head lice infestation the following link will inform you on…